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Our System

The Senior-ENHANCERS Brain Pre/Rehab Program

  • To Prevent, Reverse, or Ameliorate Symptoms of Dementia

  • To Facilitate Anti-Aging and Disease Prevention


Brain In Play International (BIP) is about saving brains and improving lives, particularly for seniors that are challenged by mild cognitive impairment (MCI) that progresses to dementia(s). This includes any of the neurodegenerative diseases that initially present as MCI and worsen with aging – Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia, Alcoholic Dementia and Frontal-Temporal Dementia, to name the most common. What is unfortunate is that to date, decades of clinical medication trials to help those with such dementias have proven disappointing at best. The GOOD News: The Nobel Prize in Medicine was recently awarded for research unveiling the biogenetic basis for disease prevention, brain and body cell physiology and anti-aging – called epigenetics. Brain In Play’s co-founders combined this Nobel discovery with the latest neuroscience and behavioral-health advances to create a ‘what and how’ therapeutic platform and neurobehavioral technology that optimizes the functioning, communication, preservation, growth and new vascularization of brain cells. This scientific brain wellness solution, aptly named Brain Performance Enhancement℠ or BPE, blends essential brain wellness best practices, enabled and catalyzed by a unique activation science. BPE’s outcomes are enhanced and customized by cognitive behavioral therapy/coaching.

BPE offers a fast-track program for senior brain wellness called Senior-ENHANCERS. BPE’s Senior-ENHANCERS prevents and treats neurodegenerative diseases by implementing a collection of evidence-based best practices that change gene expression – working in the the brain at molecular and cellular levels. The ENHANCERS mnemonic is derived from the first letter of key BPE brain wellness best practices. To achieve best results, the ENHANCERS blueprint must be implemented as consistently as possible by BPE-certified therapists, who work with you (and your family if desired) to customize your program based on your specific strengths/challenges.Consistently following Senior-ENHANCERS creates the best possible conditions for brain cell optimization for adults of any age. It also deactivates processes that can impair or destroy neurons, thus reducing brain cell inflammation and damaging toxic oxidants – while boosting immunity. This Scientific Brain Wellness epigenetic approach aligns with the Institute of Medicine’s 2015 recommendations on aging.Senior-ENHANCERS’ aims to prevent, delay, reverse, or improve symptoms of dementia, as well as to facilitate anti-aging and disease prevention in pre or post symptomatic adults and seniors. Dementia’s treatable symptoms range from barely perceptible mild cognitive impairment, to those observed in the early and middle stages of neurodegeneration. This provides a great opportunity for motivated individuals/families to improve brain/body health and to slow brain deterioration, while avoiding/remediating brain diseases symptoms of aging, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. For patients entering middle neurodegenerative disease phases, select BPE therapies can reduce agitation, improve sleep and enhance mood. Senior-ENHANCERS’ BPE best-practices also helps treat conditions that cause or worsen neurodegenerative illnesses such as Psychiatric conditions and Substance Addiction - through scientifically proven methods that enhance quality of life.

About Brain Performance Enhancement (BPE)


BPE is a Neuro-Behavioral Scientific Wellness System that integrates the following three disruptive innovations:  

1. Brain Wellness Best Practices: Precise behavioral, cognitive and therapy routines that when performed at threshold (done with correct intensity, duration and frequency) change gene expression - triggering swift and prominent improvements in brain functioning and construction called neuroplasticity

2. Activation Science: Innovative motivational therapy techniques that powerfully jumpstart brain and behavioral change

3. Cognitive Behavioral Coaching & Psychotherapy: Targeted 1:1 relationship-based interventions that sustain best-practices adherence, relapse prevention and brain wellness optimization.  

Activation Science

Best 12 Brain Wellness Practices

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching/Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Coaching

BPE’s brain wellness value proposition is the cumulative effect best practices, activation and coaching working in sync with  experts to turbocharge and maintain brain wellness – improving the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells. BPE’s evaluation of lifestyle and family history profiles support personalized medicine and leverage prevention and treatment. In select cases, BIP-Inc. utilizes pharmacogenetic testing when considering optimal medication.

BPE certified therapists use field-tested prototypes to treat Pre-early Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Concussions, Psychiatric Conditions, and Substance Addiction. Brain Performance Enhancement shifts patients and their families from traditional passive chronic illness paradigms, to proactive ‘can-do’ hopeful mind-sets - key to BIP-Inc.’s brain improving mission. BPE’s goal is to improve the life quality of all brain-challenged persons, and reduce the risk for those genetically predisposed for such.

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