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A Life Saved

"As a high net worth executive I was determined to access the best healthcare for my adult daughter’s potentially fatal disease that had already claimed her mother’s life, I was at my wit’s end. Previous treatment from the best doctors and hospitals around just wasn’t working. A colleague told me of PRIME BBM 55+er’s success with challenging cases…somehow ‘activating’ clients and advocating for top medical/hospital care. Thankfully it was true, as The Whites were immediately there for me and my family, face to face with my daughter and I in our living room, arranging for hospitalization and watching over her care and transition from across the country for days after that, while keeping me fully informed. Months later my daughter is doing very well, I can finally sleep at night, and [PRIME] remained there supporting us. It’s become about prevention, ongoing care and wellness now – a far cry from the daily distractions I experienced before her life was saved."

- Ron K. 

Medical Consultation
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