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How We Do What We Do and Why It Works




This executive summary white paper conveys how the emerging medical science of epigenetics optimizes the longevity and wellness of 55+ers/Seniors and prevents and minimizes diseases at cellular and molecular levels…by reversing the typical biogenetic algorithms of aging in both the short and long term.


With AGING in midlife, we must accept and deal with good AND bad news…so let’s process the bad news first and then celebrate the good news!   What exactly causes aging to accelerate at 50-55+, and as a result, makes us more vulnerable to diseases and disorders to happen…of the brain (such as dementias), the body (such as cancers and CVDs), and the mind (such as depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD).  And why do these diseases/disorders occur more frequently and progress faster with greater intensity?


As we age past 50-55-ish, bad and toxic ‘exposures/ingestions/stress-experiences’ that we have been subjected to during our lifetimes accumulate to cause baseline proliferation of Bad-DNA at molecular/cellular levels, which in turn makes us more vulnerable to develop diseases and illness conditions.  Some classic examples include excess sun exposure causing skin cancer, eating too much fried/fatty foods causing heart disease, consuming refined sugars causing Type2 diabetes, years of tobacco smoking causing lung cancer, and having multiple or major stress/trauma/loss experiences causing depression and PTSD.


Long-term toxic exposures/ingestions cause our cellular DNA to produce bad biochemistry, AKA Bad-DNA or negative gene expression…and thus, diseases/disorders come about over time due to chronically Bad DNA buildup, the molecular and cellular disease effects of which keep worsening if not ‘counteracted’. It is academic that after 55+, such disease conditions happen much more often and can get progressively worse much faster (health providers call this “adding to the already bad baseline”).  An additional ‘diseases of aging’ vulnerability factor beyond the scope of this mini-doc is that mid-life aging almost always finds our cells slowing down, aging faster, and withering (but not dying off and replacing themselves with new fresh cells, as happens with young folks). Thus 55+/Seniors get wrinkles, loss of muscle mass, and look/feel older.  

The Good/Great News: We now know we can almost always prevent, reverse or improve 95% of major diseases and counteract accelerated 55+/Senior aging by proactively ‘manufacturing’ good DNA to treat and/or counteract the aforementioned Bad-DNA aging effects…and our 12-Best Practices is what makes this Good-DNA happen (individually and collectively). This is why we custom-coach clients to do as many of these proprietary ‘Best-12’ as prescriptively and consistently as possible because the sum healthy effect of many/all of the ‘Best-12’ done right produces a baseline of ‘mega’ Good-DNA, which turns out to be greater than the individual Best-12 Good-DNA separately added together (our ultimate service-marked Best-12 AND Coaching BIO-HACKING). The net translation of Good-DNA proliferation is reduced chronic brain/bodily inflammation, decreased/precluded toxic oxidant accumulation and greatly improved insulin regulation - all biomarkers of brain/body/mind disease prevention/minimization.  


But before we all get too excited about the Best-12 delivering Good/Great-DNA, we need to be transparent about the 2nd leg/circle of BBM-Performance Enhancement’s longevity innovation trifecta - that being our Activation Science Coaching (which we invented, concept-proved, researched and internationally published BTW). Just as diseases are caused by Bad-DNA build-up over time, optimizing disease prevention, and minimization is all about Good-DNA start-up and powerful Best-12 change engagement, to set the stage for accelerated Good-DNA to quickly build-up over time…and that’s where Activation Science Coaching comes in!  And no, we are not talking about changing one’s lifestyle here, as we know from Fast Company’s classic Change or Die article, maintaining healthcare lifestyle changes over time has a 90% failure rate – even when one’s life depends on it! Instead, our Activation Science Coaching partners with You to change YOU!


And finally, since maintaining long-term behavioral change routines regarding: healthcare is so very challenging, we need to mention our 3rd leg/circle of BBM-Performance Enhancement’s longevity innovation trifecta – Change Sustainability.  Not surprisingly, this last component is most often dismissed by well-meaning clients who believe their powerful engagement/activation status will carry them through…just recall again the 90% failure rate under the context of life-threatening conditions! This last innovation is necessary to guarantee consistent delivery of optimized Good/Great-DNA expression ad infinitum and is a combination of cognitive behavioral coaching and unique change-management best practice processes and structures.   


In closing, please see below diagram which dramatically shows the integrated value-proposition of BBM-PE.

BBM Graphic.PNG
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