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Mind Optimization

Our Mind Optimization Cognitive Behavioral Coaching services are designed to optimize  bio-psycho-social outcomes, emotional well-being, and overall life satisfaction. Catering to individuals seeking to address stress-related cognitive, mood, anxiety and bio-emotional-resilience challenges, our innovative approach integrates BBM-PE with  psychotherapeutic and behavioral modalities

Major Transition Stress Coaching

Whether forced or planned, 55+er transitions are numerous and can be most stressful. The right therapeutic help can set the stage for a wonderful life going forward, regardless of  how difficult the precipitating challenge(s). 

Unresolved Grief/Loss Coaching

55+er/Senior aging brings with it losses of many kinds, some of which can result in grief that is unresolved or very complex.  Having personally trained with E. Kubler-Ross, our founders expertly over-see all client situations with complicated grief.  

Relationship Stress Coaching

Some unique realities of ‘55+er aging’ can stress partner/family relationships to the max. Working proactively or post-crisis on such issues with a professional coach can lead to significant  relationship improvement and impasse avoidance. 

Post-Retirement Stress Coaching

Retirement has been called by some 55+ers their most stressful life experience ever! BBM-PE and cognitive bio-emotional coaching can help activate a positive and serene that leads to an unexpectedly 

Alcohol/Drug Overuse Coaching

Many Seniors abuse alcohol, street drugs and prescription meds. Most are unaware how damaging this is to Brains, Bodies, and Minds as aging progresses. Death and disability can be avoidable consequences with professional coaching. 

Mastermind Group

Our Mastermind Groups meet weekly, in-person at Independent and Assisted Livings, and via Zoom for those at home. The focus is client-driven and can be on BBM-PE in general or laser-concentrated on one's specific Brain, Body, or Mind optimization issue(s). Groups are limited to 5-6. This option is the most economical and socially connected way to secure BBM-PE working knowledge/activation. 

Happiness-Deficit Stress Coaching

The 55+er years for many are characterized by times of boredom, sadness, and isolation. We are just learning depression is often-times not the result of, but a symptom of, many 'aging' diseases. BBM-PE and cognitive behavioral coaching is the answer!

Medical Illness Stress Coaching

Mid to later life disease conditions are under recognized as the mega-stressful life challenges they are. Realistic fear of death and disability can abound. BBM-PE and cognitive bio-emotional coaching always helps everyone involved!

Anxiety Management Coaching

Whether anxiety is caused by internal thoughts, biology, or external stressors, BBM-PE combined with bio-emotional and cognitive behavioral coaching, helps clients to gain control over and best manage this sig mental health challenge.

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