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Senior Living Signature Program 
Testimonial #3

"As the Director of Activities at a Multi-Site Senior Living in RI, I worked with Katharine and Bill White over 5+ years where they treated hundreds of residents across our Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Center care-levels.  The Whites’ nationally innovative dementia prevention, minimization and wellness prototype treatment evolved to become our signature program.  


I routinely collaborated with Bill, Katharine and their talented and caring professional staff over the years as they provided 1:1 and group therapies, cognitive behavioral coaching and psychosocial education. Residents and families alike embraced and continuously validated their therapeutic programs and protocols, which in the overwhelming majority of cases improved neuro-cognition, mobility and social participation, while reducing anxiety and depression. Truthfully, their signature programming became our key advertising differentiator in RI's highly competitive Senior Living market, as we experienced improved recruitment, retention and referral of residents. 


I should mention that at times during the PANDEMIC the Whites placed themselves at significant risk, continuing to provide direct 1:1 care in our 'COVID high-risk' conjugate settings. When several residents became COVID-positive, they even collaborated with us to deliver care via Zoom and Face-Time to reduce the isolation of many residents that were room restricted. 


In closing, I am honored to recommend Bill and Katharine White and hope as many seniors as possible in Senior Living Settings and living at home benefit from their innovative treatment, and that the Whites' vision to spread their unprecedented longevity and wellness paradigm (Brain/Body/Mind-Performance Enhancement) digitally to seniors worldwide happens as soon as possible."


-Karimah Hernandez

Activities Director 

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