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Global Ambassador Program

PRIME Brain/Body/Mind-55+ers Inc invites all interested stakeholders to become quadruple-win Champions of Co-Founders Katharine & Bill White’s ultimate legacy cause:

To optimize the lives of as many 55+ers/Seniors as possible worldwide by helping prevent, minimize, or reverse diseases/disorders of aging while guiding 55+ers/Seniors to transition to lives of best health, happiness, sharpness, vitality, relaxed serenity, life purpose, and socio-emotional connectedness!


PRIME-BBM Inc proposes to do this by offering select individuals the opportunity to refer 55+ers/Seniors to individual/group coaching, Mastermind classes/groups, and custom CoachSulting in exchange for a modest financial reward via commission. This referral arrangement can be leveraged to support one’s personal finances or may be directed to a charity of one’s choice.


The Quadruple Win


1. Referred Seniors Win…Receiving the ultimate Gift of Better/Best Life - thanks to you!


2. You win…personally and/or philanthropically by doing something right that really matters!


3. PRIME-BBM wins as we are able to help more seniors ASAP and build in more and sooner affordable sustainability structures for those 55+ers/Seniors we are privileged to serve!


4. Everyone wins going forward, as we-all create growing numbers of therapeutic Senior milieus (micro) that when combined together improve the capacity to become a global movement (macro) that changes the 55+/Senior culture from one of ‘AGING, OLD AGE, ILLNESS and DISABILITY’ to one of CARING, WISDOM, RESILIENCE, HOPE and PURPOSEFUL ABILITY!


While the short-term goal of the Ambassador Program is to increase the number of PRIME-BBM Seniors served, we hope to quickly build a growing community of alumni from which to recruit Red/White/Blue 'Zoners' to comprise a strong foundation of new-comer support for Anti-Loneliness, social connectedness, and Best-12 sustainability. Needless to say, our longer-term goal is to spread PRIME-BBM’s culture to increasing numbers of Seniors and Senior Milieus locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.


Please stay tuned as we-all put the finishing touches on PRIME-BBM’s Ambassador Program.

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