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Body Optimization

The good 2024 scientific news finds that 90-95% of the Diseases of Aging are now preventable or can be minimized/reversed. Our Body Optimization Programs are designed to prevent, recover from, or reverse major diseases of aging, such as cardiac damage, stroke, T-2 diabetes, COPD and cancers, as well as those dealing with chronic nonlethal illnesses.


We employ a proactive epigenetic approach to prevention and recovery, integrating BBM-PE's bio-psychosocial, genetic and lifestyle strategies to optimize outcomes.  

Heart Attack/Stroke (CVD)       Prevention or Post-Rehab Programs

Especially for those with a family history or having had a CVD event. In partnership with your PCP MD/NP, we

eliminate as many CVD risks as possible and blueprint a plan to revitalize your cardiovascular system. This adjunct program addresses much more than your PCP's 'exercise'. 

Overweight Coaching

The National Institute of Health/CDC report 74% of U.S. adults are overweight, with 43% obese. This significantly  increases death/disability from every Disease of Aging.  BBM-PE is an all-natural comprehensive remedy to get and stay in shape with no side-effects, looking and feeling great!

Body Optimization Mastermind Groups

Join a Mastermind Group Coaching Experience laser- focused on mastering, customizing and fine-tuning best body total optimization action-planning Ad Infinitum.  

Covid-19 General & Covid Long-Haul 

With Covid-19 surges, and Covid-19 Long-Haul becoming more prevalent, BBM-PE coaching supports ASAP recovery and minimization, while boosting future immunity. The latest science finds Covid stays in the body up to 2 years and has major respiratory, cardiac, and neurologic consequences. 

Mastermind Group

Our Mastermind Groups meet weekly, in-person at Independent and Assisted Livings, and via Zoom for those at home. The focus is client-driven and can be on BBM-PE in general or laser-concentrated on one's specific Brain, Body, or Mind optimization issue(s). Groups are limited to 5-6. This option is the most economical and socially connected way to secure BBM-PE working knowledge/activation. 

Cancer Prevention/Rehab Coaching

Cancer is the U.S. #2 cause of death/disability, with aging being its #1 risk factor!  BBM-PE's combo of bio-sci,

bio-emotional & cognitive/behavioral coaching offers 55+ers with cancer an adjunct therapy for living the longest, healthiest, happiest and most serene lives possible.   

55+er Better Body-Shape Coaching

Whether due to slowing down a bit from aging into one's 50's/60's+, or retirement, injury, caregiving etc., BBM-PE can customize a solution to get you back in best shape slow but sure, or ASAP, for the long-term... to live a longer, healthier, happier, and sharper life!

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