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SENIOR LIVING SIGnature PROGRAM Testimonial #1

The following is a combined testimonial from a Benchmark Corporate Director, and the daughter of a Husband/Wife 'patient-couple' living at a Benchmark Senior Assisted Living, being treated by PRIME BBM 55-er's Co-Founders Bill and Katharine White MSN/APRN-BCs. A 4-page version of this article appeared on Benchmark Senior Living's Corporate Website prior to the Covid Pandemic. The Whites' previous edition of BBM-Performance Enhancement (Brain In Play International) was being implemented as a Benchmark Senior Living Signature Program before being preempted by the Pandemic. Benchmark is considered by many to be the top S.L.O. in the northeast (64 facilities across 7 states). 

Benchmark testimonial_edited.jpg
BIP testimonial (2)_edited.jpg
GF testimonial (3)_edited_edited.jpg
GF testimonial (4)_edited.jpg
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