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Senior Living Signature Program Testimonial #2

"I worked with Katharine and Bill White over a 5-year period at two different Senior Living Organizations (one an expansive multisite org) as a Director of Nursing and Clinical Care.  I am licensed as an Assisted Living Executive Director and hold dual academic degrees: Registered Nursing and BS in Business. I also worked for a decade as a Director of Community Relations/Clinical Liaison for Brookdale Senior Living, so know ‘this space’ and the Senior population very well.


As world renowned clinical scientists who provided 1:1 and group longevity and wellness services to my Assisted Living and Memory Care residents over the years, I can’t recommend the Whites highly enough. While I could write a 5-page soliloquy, suffice it to say these former hospital execs, nurse practitioners and psychotherapists ‘turned’ clinical scientists/researchers are extraordinary medical providers, cognitive behavioral coaches, and human beings! It is my understanding that no one else nationally is providing anything close to their research-based longevity and wellness triple innovation for Seniors (outlined on their website).


I can attest that the many seniors the Whites cared for under my watch over the years all benefited from the signature care they and their charges provided. Of note, the Senior Living ‘House’ Nurse Practitioners and MDs were impressed that their residents’ cognition and mood almost always improved, falls were dramatically reduced, and residents always looked forward to their 1:1 time connecting with Katharine, Bill and their staff. Also, residents were noted to experience less frequent and intense sundowner’s syndrome and to be increasingly social and participatory on their Assisted Living and Memory Center therapeutic milieus.


To close, I am excited to know the Whites continue their unwavering legacy commitment to the aging Senior population. Their unprecedented longevity, disease prevention-management coaching, and wellness ‘quintessence’ is a sorely needed and long overdue care and life quality standard for most Seniors residing at Senior Livings and at home."


-Elizabeth Lasorsa RN, BS

Senior Living Director of Nursing/Wellness

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