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"My experience with Katharine & Bill

was so uniquely efficacious, affirming, and rewarding  that I anointed them with a nickname: "THE NONPAREILS."


- John Lander

Senior Men Playing Chess
Lethal Blood Sugars

"When Katharine & Bill White asked me to write a testimonial regarding my personal experience as one of their very
first clients, I was thrilled.  One gets few, if any, opportunities in life to be a "beta site" for an innovative product, service, or technology.  My experience with Katharine & Bill was so uniquely efficacious, affirming, and rewarding that I anointed them with a nickname: "THE NONPAREILS."  They, as individual professionals, coupled with their proprietary operating style, reinforce and personify the precise definition of the word 'nonpareil.'

For most of us, we only enjoy the scenario of meeting very few people during our lifetimes who, by the very fact of
engagement with such people, change for the better and forever the manner in which we conduct our lives forward
from that experience.  For me, Katharine and Bill are two such people, and I dearly cherish the good fortune of calling them my friends.  They are on the path that will inevitably lead them to universal embracement of their avant-garde thinking and methodologies.  To watch this unfold and evolve has been a truly remarkable and humbling experience for me, as these two multi-talented individuals are responsible for authoring material enhancements to the delivery of cutting-edge healthcare in our country. For 40 years, my firms have worked with the most senior executives in dozens of Fortune-500 companies as clients, and none have established anything comparable to that which Katharine & Bill offer.  

Privileged to have had ongoing access to the very best medical care in the world; it was only after a coaching session
with Katharine that my cancer treatment related life-threatening blood sugars (that required emergency life-saving hospitalizations) finally came under control! While I have the highly undesirable distinction of having 4 major life-threatening diseases, I no longer have any concern, stress, or angst as to my complex healthcare treatment protocols. My business requires continuous traveling between Boston and NY.  Yet, they still find the time to stay connected with me and make the coaching relationship work to stabilize my health.

I am convinced that [PRIME BBM 55+ers Inc] will attract seniors in droves, as the number one barrier for seniors to live at home or live happily in Independent/Assisted Living placements is failing health. At 68, I am a poster person that
it is better to prevent chronic illnesses in the first place versus trying to manage them once they establish a foothold. Since ‘PRIME BBM 55+ers’ helps manage both sides of the equation, I cannot recommend them enough.

The NONPAREILS are reminiscent of and truly personify one of my favorite observations, this one by the idiosyncratic
French Jesuit priest, philosopher, and paleontologist (he discovered Peking Man) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:  

“The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of oneself to others." I could not write a more accurate description of the Whites!!"

Sincerely -- John Lander

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