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How We're Different

⁃ Our Longevity/Bio-Sci Wellness trifecta of PRIME innovations fully integrates the Brain, Body and Mind of 55+ers/Seniors.


⁃ We COACH, which promotes a deep and connected partnership with clients…Bio/Sci coaching is primarily educational…Bio/Emotional coaching is supportive/insightful…Cognitive/Behavioral coaching addresses belief systems, past unresolved barriers to making progress, and working on action plan outcomes. In sum, coaching improves insight, knowledge, confidence, connectedness, mood and positive DNA expression…while reducing isolation, anxiety, sadness/gloom and negative DNA expression! Research indicates professional coaching is 74% more effective than digital/educational programs bought ‘off the shelf’ re: achieving and sustaining Longevity/Anti-Aging/Wellness outcomes!


⁃ We CoachSult - We advise/counsel based on an amalgamation of the latest scientific research, our decades of experience in the clinical Brain/Body/Mind trenches and have a track record of proof of concept research which foundates our trifecta of Longevity/Anti-Aging and Bio/Sci Wellness innovations.

-We don't flood you with tons of AI produced information...there already is way too much information out there, much of it inaccurate/false. Instead, we have laboriously researched/field-tested through the years, and then bio-hacked, the absolute threshold type/quantity/frequency/quality of best practices and change management processes necessary for 55+ers to optimize their longevity, anti-aging and bio-sci wellness.   


⁃ We are not Johnny/Janey come-lately types. In fact we were among the first to propose, implement and author neuro-epigenetic aggregate brain injury treatment protocols.


⁃ Our founders have been in this healing space for greater than 4 decades, during which they diagnosed, prescribed, treated and were psychotherapists for brain, body and mind diseases and disorders.


⁃ We Invented/Originated the service marked ‘Activation & Change-Sustainability Science’ Longevity/Anti-Aging and Wellness disrupters


⁃ We are recognized Neuroplasticity scientists


⁃ Our BBM-PE Longevity/Wellness innovation boasts 15 yrs of incremental refinement

⁃ Our Proof of Concept Research was ISSTART globally unveiled/published - reversing early dementia/depression for majority of subjects.


⁃ We reframed COVID’s Pandemic challenge as our ultimate field-testing proof of outcomes, despite the personal mega-risks involved


⁃ Our trifecta innovation addresses not only the top-12 quintessential Longevity What best practice protocols, but also the WHY discovery procedure that powerfully engages/jumpstarts ‘them’, and the HOW ‘change ad-infinitum’ processes that SUSTAINs SUCCESS


⁃ We are committed to: Deliver and Mastermind for clients the best possible Bigger, Better Brains and Healthiest Bodies and Minds….Ad Infinitum.


This-all is what makes us so very different!

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