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Founder’s Journey
Bill White MSN, APRN

So the big job/promotion and huge pay-raise came through at 38…I became a hospital chief nursing officer, with the chance to soon add COO to my title…and of course add MORE salary, work hours, and STRESS!



Of course there had been a long buildup to being eligible for such a prize…let’s just say years of hard work, mega-stress and personal sacrifice. To earn the prize with a growing family of five this former athlete ‘had’ fallen victim to a past decade of very long days, fancy lunches/dinners out complete with fine wines and desserts, and let’s just say, a fast-track intense lifestyle…whose family-man home schedule allowed no time for personal exercise work-outs or healthy food/stress management.



Ridiculously, it seemed becoming 40-45 lbs overweight, and finding myself physically ‘deconditioned’ and chronically stressed out, seemed to happen overnight! At least that’s what I told myself as a couple of my loving employees one day took my blood pressure (~220/125) and then snuck me over to the closest competitor-hospital’s ER (friends decades later to this day - thanks ColleenT and ChrisB for helping me barely avoid a stroke and/or heart attack!



The short story: The ER Doc was a no-nonsense trusted close friend who immediately controlled my BP and did the $1M ER workup…telling me that I had bad cardiovascular disease and had been the luckiest walking-stroke candidate he ever met.



And so the brisk walking/jogging and great diet self-imposed rehab was to begin the next day…but chest pain suddenly appeared and I could barely take 10 slow jog-paced steps before the pain and being out of breath made me stop. The good news was that I had avoided a stroke…the bad news was learning a heart attack could be around the next corner. I realized the journey back to good/great health would be a challenging and long one! But as a former hard-core athlete, ICU staff, and now a CNO nurse-practitioner clinical specialist with a great family, I had top motivation, good support and could research my way through best-practice rehab…which is exactly what I did, once I finally broke through my denial and minimization re: my condition, and accepted some help to completely change my lifestyle (I’m thinking those 3 near death experiences along the way, including a couple of miraculous resuscitations may have helped…and yes indeed, I literally saw the light).



Fast-forwarding two decades+, that COO/CNO promotion happened, my family grew to seven, I added on a psychotherapy practice, and had become a clinical scientist focused on the emerging medical/health science of ‘Epigenetics’.


Fortunately I had kept off that 45lbs, reversed my cardiovascular disease (as well as other related illnesses), and returned to my former hard-core athlete shape, thanks to exercise, strength-training, top nutrition, mindfulness and several other fun wellness best-practices! Today, shape-wise I am in the top 1-2% of athletes my age, a far cry from where I thought I would, or could ever be, before literally ‘seeing that white light’.



I inserted this page to let those I may be blessed to consult with, coach, and educate about our proprietary BBM-PE application of Epigenetics’ longevity/anti-aging and life-saving medical science, learn one important thing about me: I have personally been there and done that!



I am a true long-term living example of how, without medications, the ‘Body’ illness of cardiovascular disease can be reversed and sustained over time…such that last summer I routinely jogged in Florida’s 95+ degree heat (not ever recommended for anyone - but to point out how customized epigenetic bio/sci-hacking from a trained/experienced scientist-coach can deliver peak body performance for a once significantly diseased person). And yes, my genetic testing finds I have THE bad gene for cardiovascular disease…well, so much for that! I should mention I did experience one major ‘side effect’…that being BBM-PE also produced/sustained neuro-cognitive peak performance!



My personal Brain/Body/Mind ‘recovery’ served as a key motivation for my team to develop and unveil our first epigenetic BBM-PE prototype at a Mayo Clinic International Brain Injury Summit in front of leading neuro-scientists…and then write a 20 Chapter best-selling book to help improve and save the brains/bodies/minds of youth/teens with sports head injuries…and then chance doing a proof of concept scientific study with Seniors that got our innovation internationally published and recognized by peer brain-scientist world experts (ISSTART).



In closing, as some of you readers may well know, when you are lucky X3 to be alive, then you are lucky enough…and that, is a ‘wake-up call’ message to help others if you can…especially if you have been blessed enough by others to have learned how.



I am forever grateful to all those folks who helped me/us along the way with kindly gifts of support, knowledge, and friendship!

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