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Optimize your collective BRAIN, BODY & MIND wellness with our 1:1 and group coaching/consulting programs.

*All programs may be customized with provider approval   

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Independent Living & Assisted Living

Longevity, Disease Prevention/Improvement,

& Scientific Wellness Programs

  • Comprehensive BBM-PE Starter and Maintenance Programs (ranging from 4-weeks to 3 months and beyond).

  • 1-½ hr initial CoachSulting + 55-min coaching follow-up sessions. 

  • Focus on specific condition prevention/improvement per need/request.

  • Partner/Family involvement as appropriate (with client request). 

  • Sessions to occur on-site at Senior Living Campus.

  • Ongoing coaching sessions may be added to maintain/improve gains.

  • Additional customized programs may be designed.  


Home-Based Intro to Longevity & Bio/Sci Wellness 

  • Comprehensive 4-week to 3-month plus programs featuring BBM-PE's triple longevity/anti-aging and scientific wellness innovation.

  • 1-1/2 hr initial CoachSulting and 55-min coaching follow-up sessions

  • Best for basic intro or health/wellness-savvy clients needing sig tune-up.

  • Sessions most often to occur via ZOOM.  


Mastermind Groups 

  • Our Mastermind Groups meet weekly, in-person at Independent and Assisted Livings, and via Zoom for those at home. The focus is client-driven and can be on BBM-PE in general or laser-concentrated on one's specific Brain, Body, or Mind optimization issue(s). Groups are limited to 5-6. This option is the most economical and socially connected way to secure BBM-PE working knowledge/activation. 



55+er/Senior Athletic Peak-Performance or Tune-Ups  

  • If desiring to healthily push yourself to be a top/better performer in your chosen sport(s), do what the Professional Athletes do - access a Brain/Body/Mind Optimization Program!  We leverage our experience working in the past with serious amateur athletes and NFL players. 

  • Whether its golf, pickleball, running etc., being in top brain, body and mind shape is the differentiator that consistently improves performance. 



Independent Living or At Home Peak Performance Programs: Specific Improvement Goal  

  • ‘Bio/Sci-Bio/Ed’ Coach/Sulting (1-1/2 hrs) + Coaching Follow-up Sessions focused on specific client performance goal/outcome(s). 

  • To achieve optimized performance on key life dimension(s): work, social, serenity, relationship, life-purpose etc. 



Major Transition(s) Brain/Body/Mind-Optimization 

  • Bio/Sci, Bio/Ed, Cognitive-Behavioral, and/or Bio-Emotional Coaching Program for best possible resolution re: major 55+er/Senior transitions. 

  • Beyond optimized healthy coping, clients learn life-long top strategies and tactics for current/future proactive transition management.

  • 4-week and 3-month/beyond programs; may be highly customized.   


COMING ATTRACTION - To Be Announced Soon!


Red, White & Blue Zones of One for Life

Informal Communities and Certification Programs 

[For 55+ers/Seniors Transitioning to BBM-PE Living 

to become Red/White/Blue Zones of One for Life ]

  • ‘Bio/Sci – Bio/Ed’ intensive programs for 55+ers desiring to be models of BBM-PE consistency and/or to serve as volunteer leaders going forward* 

  • To become a BBM-PEZoner of One’ who serves as a support to others

  • To add being an advocate of BBM-PE longevity to one's life purpose

  • *PRIME Brain/Body/Mind 55+ers plans to develop volunteer communities of 'R/W/B Zoners of One' for purposes of offering mentorship and mutual support, while addressing the epidemic of social disconnectedness.  

  • R/W/B Zoners of One may become advocate-guides to serve as ultimate supporters/models for those who are new to or struggling with BBM-PE's Lighthouse Sustainability journey. 


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