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Future International Vision

The immediate future of PRIME BBM-55+ers involves operationalizing and sustaining the following quintessential interrelated longevity and wellness strategies:


1. To continuously optimize Social Connectedness/Anti-Loneliness, Anti-Stress, Mindfulness, and Life-Purpose; 


2. To develop a Red/White/Blue-Zone* International Consortium for Seniors, accessible 24/7;


In short, starting in September 2024, PRIME BBM-55+ers Inc plans to progressively launch a modestly affordable members-only section of our website to serve as an international Red/White/Blue-Zone group infrastructure of continuously updated education and support...where Seniors can access the latest medical science on wellness and longevity, and connect directly with PRIME-BBM supportive others by Video-Podcast, Zoom Meetings, Phone, Facebook etc. as frequently as daily.

The value-prop of this global initiative for some may be to counteract loneliness, optimize feeling socially relevant, and/or to revitalize life-purpose…and for many others, to access ongoing support for one’s PRIME-BBM55+ Longevity/Wellness best practices ad-infinitum (forever) journey! 

The legacy intention of this worldwide senior initiative for PRIME-BBM's Founders is to pioneer a movement that improves, saves and honors the lives of as many 55+ers/Seniors as possible. 


So please stay tuned for updates and plan to join us during September 2024 as we-all go international together…locking down our company promise/value to never leave a PRIME-BBM engaged client alone or behind! 


*PRIME-BBM’s Red/White/Blue-Zone transformation ‘happens’ when an individual becomes activated around, and then sustains becoming, a ‘PRIME-BBM Best-12 Practices’ fully committed person…In essence, transforming into a Red/White/Blue Longevity/Wellness 'Zone of One' (see this site's Red/White/Blue-Zone Global Senior Movement).  

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