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Brain Optimization

Our brain optimization coaching/consult programs are designed for 55+ers wanting to prevent, or needing to address, neurocognitive challenges of aging.


By utilizing the latest advancements in neuroscience and epigenetics, and integrating our multiple decades of frontline experience and proprietary bio-hacking backed up by our world-acclaimed research, we offer 55+ers/Seniors more than just coping strategies; we partner with you to blueprint the quickest and best way for optimized cognition, brain functioning and quality of life.  


One-time consults, 4-week, and 3-month+ programs available most services.

Dementia Prevention Consult/Coaching

BBM-PE offers clients the best hedge to prevent, reverse, or improve pre-dementia mild cognitive impairment (MCI). 


For clients with a family history of dementia or having very mild memory and/or cognitive challenges.

Early Dementia 1:1 Consult/Coaching

For clients and families managing early dementia, whether at home or at Senior Living Placements. 

Features custom BBM-PE programing to aggressively impact and improve neurocognition and life quality. 

Mastermind Group for Mild Cognitively Impaired Clients

Coming Soon!

Moderate Dementia Consults (Families)

For families of clients with moderate or advanced dementia seeking improved care plans/options, whether in Memory Centers or At-Home. 

Consultation provided to families on best senior living placement options, as not all facilities offer equal Independent/Assisted Living or Memory Center service quality. 

Senior Living Organization Consults      

We offer a range of BBM-PE Care/Service Improvement Consults to select agencies desiring to optimize 'Senior' care/service outcomes and resident/family satisfaction. 

Offering select Senior Living Organizations partnership opportunities to provide BBM-PE onsite to residents.

For select premier Senior Living Organizations with whom we partner, we offer the opportunity to become designated a Red/White/Blue Zones for Life(SM). 

Mastermind Group for Caregivers Helping Dementia Patients

Contact us to join a 3-month Mastermind Group weekly experience to optimize your knowledge and maximize your support re: dementia in general and being a loving care-provider in particular!  Group Leader(s) have years of experience 'having been there and done that' and decades of pragmatic/scientific learning.  

55+ers With Past Athletic Concussions 

To improve/protect adult brains with past head injuries.

To optimize brain performance and reduce dementia risk in 55+ers with past concussions. We feature rare knowledge documented in our best-seller book on concussions and our experience treating NFL players.

Social Disconnectedness & Loneliness

For 55+ers/Seniors experiencing the increasing epidemic of being socially isolated and feeling lonely.

Regardless of one's living/resource situation (in Senior Livings, at home alone or with family members etc.) growing numbers of Seniors are plagued by not having socio-emotionally stimulating and satisfying friendships...leading to diseases of aging, depression or even worse outcomes. BBM-PE coaches help resolve this quickly, sensitively, and successfully.

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