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Become BPE certified - Coming Soon

We are committed to train the first generation of scientific brain wellness care providers and certify them in Brain Performance Enhancement℠.

We will bestow 4 levels of Certification:

  1. Caregivers in the home or health & fitness trainers in the community with no formal healthcare training/license;

  2. Caregivers with entry-level formal healthcare training/license (CNAs)

  3. Caregivers with significant formal healthcare training/license such as RNs, LICSWs, PTs, OTRs etc.

  4. APRNs and Physicians

For Caregivers Without Formal Training

Coming Soon

For Caregivers with entry level Healthcare training

Coming Soon

For Caregivers with Significant Formal Training

Coming Soon

Certification for Physicians and APRN's

Coming Soon

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