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William T. White MSN, APRN-BC is clinician-scientist President of Brain In Play International/Brain In Play Foundation - privately held companies helping prevent, improve (early-stage) and ameliorate neurodegenerative diseases of aging (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Psychiatric Disorders etc.). With business partner wife K. White, he opened 3 private practice medical offices serving primarily brain-challenged seniors and has implemented Scientific Brain Wellness prototypes for seniors at ALCs, Memory Centers and Adult Day Cares. For 20 years Bill was COO/CNO at Bradley Brain/Behavioral-Health Hospital – while teaching at medical/nursing schools, parenting 5 HS athletes, coaching 3 sports and caring for a parent with AD at home. Early in his career Bill directed psych emergency services for two cities, led inpatient addictions units and consulted for RI’s largest nursing home. An American Academy of Neurology member, he recently co-originated Brain Performance Enhancement℠ or BPE, a neurobehavioral scientific wellness system based on Nobel Prize work, for which he conducted breakthrough research reversing neurocognitive impairment in seniors. Bill is primary author of the best-selling book on concussive injury and scientific brain wellness which unveiled BPE : Winning the War Against Concussion in Youth Sports.

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