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Winning the War Against Concussions in Youth Sports unveils a fast-track brain wellness and safety solution for athletes 21 and under, based on a patent pending innovation called Brain Performance Enhancement or BPE. Called BPE Youth Fast-Track, this condensed version offers six best-practices founded on Nobel Prize research findings and two new medical biosciences informing how to continuously improve the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells. This book engages players, parents and coaches by sharing ‘hot off the press’ neuroscience updates on youth sports head injuries in basic terms. “Winning” empowers readers with the key knowledge and basic tools needed to help prevent and offset brain damaging concussions and accumulated sub-concussive impacts.

Every Player, Parent, Coach, and educator in the U.S. and around the world should read this book. It not only shares the latest research on sports head injuries, but tells us how to prevent and heal them based on the latest science...and it works!"

--Spencer Larsen

Former Denver Bronco and New England Patriot

Parent & Coach Testimonial Excerpts From Amazon:

BPE Youth is an absolutely fascinating topic that I think every player should be educated about. This book and system itself are clearly both well researched in the topic of youth neuroscience, which lends endless credibility...SamG

I got this book for both myself and my son to read, as he wants to play football for his school next year. It's nice how this book is broken down for parents, coaches and also the children to read. It was important for me that he brain wellness in early age sports will increase as his sports performance, as well as his academics, which to me is most important...LU

A must-read for all parents, players and coaches...and should be on the bookshelves of all athletic coaches from Pee-Wee and Pop Warner to the professional level...While there are several books available on the subject, this is the only one I have found that takes it out of the clinician zone...A
I’m really glad that a resource like this is available to educate people such as myself...valuable and important tool for anyone in one of these groups (sic: players, parents, coaches)...a well-researched book...Fantastic resource! Chelsey

As an involved parent, buying this book was a no brainer for me...Really well researched...with neuroscience and I became aware of just about everything related to the subject. Very crucial book, highly recommended...Dr. Jen C

Great read...Very enlightening...Five Stars...CB

This work is truly a gift to those of us who love sports, and want our children to pursue their athletic passions while remaining safe and well. Everything you need to know about your child-athlete’s brain health, and the truth about brain injury in sports. Who doesn’t love youth sports? And, who doesn’t love their child more. With this book, you will be well informed and able to respond as every parent should...DAG

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