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Prime Brain/Body/Mind 55+ers Inc.

Unprecedented Longevity and Wellness Innovations

PRIME Brain/Body/Mind 55+ers Inc is a Longevity, Anti-Aging, and Wellness Optimization Company serving 55+ers/Seniors. Led by world-acclaimed scientists, authors, researchers and cognitive behavioral coaches Katharine and Bill White, our calling is to optimize, healthily extend and safeguard the lives of 55+ers we serve.

Our mission is to scientifically enhance the Brains, Bodies, and Minds of 55+ers/Seniors in support of living the longest, healthiest, sharpest, happiest, strongest, and most purposeful and connected lives possible.  

Our vision establishes Florida's Treasure Coast as PRIME B/B/M-55+er's local epicenter for national/global expansion, from which to share our 'life-optimizing/saving and peak Brain/Body/Mind performance' trifecta of innovations. Our strategy promotes all 55+ers to thrive and be valued in sustainable communities of purposeful connectedness. Going forward, an aligned not for profit charitable company subsidiary is planned.

Our official launch date is June 1, 2024. An incremental roll-out of General and Specialty Services/Programs begins with the availability of 1:1, Group, and Family Coaching and Coach-Sulting, Educational Forums, and Senior Living Agency Consults. Service delivery includes in-person, zoom-video, and telephonic preferences.  

Practice locations include select Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Centers, and In-Home and carefully chosen community settings. Our motto is to professionally do whatever it takes to achieve our mission for 55+ers/Seniors and to never leave an engaged client, family member, or caregiver behind or unsupported. 


  PRIME Brain/Body/Mind 55+ers, Inc.

 Three Longevity, Anti-Aging and Wellness Innovations 


Fifteen years in the making, we are excited to introduce the world's foremost longevity, anti-aging and scientific wellness breakthrough:

Brain/Body/Mind-Performance Enhancement (SM) or BBM-PE, is a trifecta of all-natural nonmedication epigenetic innovations integrating 12 Best Practice 'WHAT' protocols, with Activation-Science 'WHY' and Change-Sustainability 'HOW' processes. Thus, BBM-PE's multi-dimensional design leaves nothing to chance to activate, optimize, and sustain long-term one's longevity/anti-aging and scientific wellness.

Our combination of practical and transformative protocols and processes work at molecular, cellular and organ-system levels to positively change DNA expression, while turning off/down bad disease-causing DNA expression. This is facilitated by implementing BBM-PE cognitive behavioral coaching plans 1:1 with clients that leverage the collective epigenetic effect of 12 best wellness practices that are powerfully activated and readily sustained long-term with our proprietary BBM-PE formula!  Since we realize it’s not good enough to just add more years to one’s life, BBM-PE prioritizes delivering more great living to one's additional years of BBM-PE longevity!

BBM-PE's cognitive behavioral and bio-emotional coaching empowers clients/families to optimize their lives on their own terms. Whether you want to turn the clock back 5-10 years, or prevent, reverse, or minimize one or more of aging's common health crises (e.g. dementia, heart disease, stroke, cancers, weight gain, major stress, frailty, anxiety, depression, isolation, forced transitions, loss of independence, etc.), or desire to feel/look better, or take on becoming one's best self, BBM-PE partners with you to cover all the necessary bases!

Our Service Process

Step 1: Contact Us to Schedule a Call or Zoom Visit
Step 2: Brief Initial Call/Zoom Consultation
Step 3: Select a coaching/consult package that best matches your needs.
Please consult your Primary Care Provider before beginning any PRIME Brain/Body/Mind 55+ers Best Practices


Our Services

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Vital Longevity: At Home 

& At Select Senior Livings 

In-person Longevity and Wellness  1:1 and group services are offered at Independent Livings, Assisted Livings, and Memory Centers.


For home-based Seniors, zoom and in-person 1:1/group services manage longevity/wellness needs. 


BBM-PE's unprecedented trifecta of '12 best practices, activation-science, and sustainability' innovations help prevent, and/or

positively impact, over 90 - 95% of diseases of aging. 


*For Senior Living Facilities we offer consults to optimize the care and services provided to residents.  

*For Seniors we consult re: finding or transferring to the best Senior Facilities,

as not all Senior Livings are alike.

 Brain Optimization

Specialty Services

As our 55+er years progress we become more vulnerable to brain disorders, including dementias (Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Parkinson’s), past concussions, and age-related brain cell slowing/deterioration.

We offer many neuro-cognitive coaching programs including  dementia prevention/rehab, past concussion and memory tune-ups, and enhanced brain function peak performance, all customized per client request.


*We also provide Family/Caregiver consults and coaching for families handling dementia or sig diseases. 

Body Optimization

Specialty Services

2024 research confirms during our mid-50’s aging aggressively accelerates…with measurable deterioration of health at molecular, cellular and organ system-levels, setting the stage for 'body diseases of aging’.


2024’s good science-news finds that 90-95% of aging’s bodily illnesses are preventable or can be minimized, and WE have the disease-specific rehab and longevity combo programs to avoid, minimize, and/or reverse aging’s illness conditions.

Planting a Plant

Mind Optimization

Specialty Services 

The hastened aging of 55+ers can cause the stress hormone cortisol to build up, especially when jump-started by senior-life challenges: loss of jobs, friends, family, homes and autonomy, mature-onset sadness/anxiety, retirement etc.


Chronically high stress causes diseases of aging, depression, and major anxiety. We provide Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching to process and resolve the root cause of stress/issues versus manage symptoms. We believe joy and serenity for all 55+ers is deserved and always possible with expert BBM-PE coaching. 

Proof of Concept Research Accepted by World Scientist Experts for International Publication / Unveiling

PRIME-BBM's breakthrough proof of concept research study abstract was peer reviewed and competitively selected to be published worldwide (Alzheimer's & Dementia Journal July 2017), and unveiled at The Alzheimer's Association's 2017 Annual Global Conference in London, England, by the International Society to Advance Alzheimer's Research & Treatment (ISTAART). 

PRIME-BBM's research study unveiled the disease-changing benefits of endurance exercise (EE), in combination with activation science coaching (ASC), in 55+er adults at risk for dementia. In sum, following eight weeks of EE/ASC, statistically significant improvement was exhibited for neuro-cognition and mood, and nearly all subjects reversed pre-study diagnostic symptoms of dementia and depression. 

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